Couples Counseling

As beautiful as loves is, a number of complications can arise when you merge two lives. Conflicting personalities, communication styles, values — every point of difference potentially puts your relationship to the test.

The good news is that it’s never too late or too early to start couples counseling. Whether you’ve just celebrated your golden anniversary or just ordered your wedding invitations, therapy breathes new understanding into otherwise murky territories. We’ll help you skillfully untangle the big things like finances, roles, children and parenting, with the goal of bridging both of your perspectives.

Couples Counseling: Is It Right for You?

  • Do you feel you and your partner are recycling the same arguments with no reconciliation in sight?
  • Has intimacy taken a back seat to built-up frustrations?
  • Do you feel like you’re not heard or understood?
  • Are you engaged to be married and looking to establish a strong foundation before making your commitment “official”?

Just because you’re angry or holding on to resentments, that doesn’t mean it’s too late. Anger often indicates a possibility for reconciliation. But you need time and supportive guidance to successfully move through past hurts. Couples therapy isn’t easy, but it’s enlightening, and it can make all the difference in the health of your relationship.

Couples Counseling Can Help You

We’ve created a safe space for you to discuss topics that are often too difficult (or messy) to broach at home. Here, you can openly reflect on your patterns in constructive ways. Let us help you get closer to resolution and harmony in your lives:

  • Reconnect through a renewed understanding of yourself and your partner.
  • Relieve stress and breathe energized intimacy into your love life.
  • Gain clarity on the direction you want your relationship to go.
  • Unpack baggage and buried resentments — rediscover your partner is a soft place to fall.

If you have questions around how couples therapy could help your relationship, please contact us below.

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